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Feb. 10th, 2009 07:11 pm
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I was like "Man I wish there were images of Real Life Bo like there are HALF THE OTHER CHARACTERS" and Atoli was like WELL THERE WAS KIND OF THAT ONE PAGE.

And I was like WHAT ONE PAGE.

And she linked this, which both makes me happy to see and yet...

...answers nothing at all...

...thanks manga :( Go back to drawing your Ryou and your Kaoru and your Chigusa and your other main characters baw.
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ENDRANCE: All the Twilight books!!
HASEO: Just a christmas card, but she hand-drew a picture of haseo on the front. ...the inside contents are all very TSUN, of course. "MERRY CHRISTMAS OR WHATEVR I couldn't think of anything to get you and besides, after trying to steal Master En from me you don't deserve any more, so this is all you're getting, Haseo!!! I should be giving you coal! Stinky socks! So you should know how restrained I am right now!! xoxox Saku"
RICOCHET: This book
TOKITOH: Christmas card.
KUHN: A plush rooster 8)
PI: Some bath supplies, new shampoo and conditioner, scented soap etc.
BO: A painting of sunflowers.

BIKKY: A new basketball which he found in one of the abandoned shed things.
ENDRANCE: A new warm blanket :/
HASEO: A... a hand-made paper bento /)_(\
HAKUREN: A hand-made christmas card in the shape of a chim-chim with season's greetings on the inside.
EUGENIE: A badly drawn picture of a christmas tree and cookies and glass of milk with season's greetings on the inside.
ROXAS: A SOCCER BALL ...which he found in one of the abandoned shed things
RICOCHET: A hand drawn movie poster... OF RICOCHET, THE MOVIE. It's TOTALLY BADASS. Now, if only he could draw.
TOKITOH: Hand drawn christmas card with a video game theme.
KUHN: A christmas card SHAPED LIKE A SEXY WOMAN. The bikini is made of tissue paper.
PI: A christmas card shaped like a computer. All of the keys are ACTUAL BUTTONS.
SERA: A christmas card cut out to look like Varnani's face.
SAKU: A little christmas flower in a tiny pot :O

Total list:EVA
Riku Replica
Collector Manikin

Feel free to respond; if IC lemme know and we can thread ♥
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If anyone wants to thread with Bo while he's acting ...even more depressed than usual (A COMPELLING INVITATION, I AM SURE), his initial 'subtle' possession AIDA thread is here and jumpable at the "entering camp" stage o/ ♥
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Sakubo, Sexuality, and (Gender) Identity

Man, you know, I say 'Sakubo' up there, but it's going to be 90% Saku, I'll say that up front, because a lot of stuff registers to her that doesn't register to Bo, hands down.

...other disclaimer: They are 11 years old irl. Obviously, this affects a certain number of things both positively and negatively, like sexual awareness etc. sdfj;. BUT YES.

...actually I should just call this the Saku Essay, but there are points of the above I do need to set up (or want to set up) first. Half out of contrast. OKAY. okaaaaaaaaaaaay. uh.

Don't expect much coherence here.

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Doing this from work so no template in front of me. FLYING BY SEAT OF PANTS. Also, no "future plans" because I tend to... be stupidly spontaneous about those :(

Cut! )
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So a while ago, in the kitty post, Snake TRANQUED A KITTY TO EAT IT and Bo saaaaaaaaved it. And took it to the @home to make sure it recovered okay.

And you know what happens when you take a stray home.

<Sakubo> o that reminds me
<Sakubo> Pi
<Pi> ...
<Sakubo> did we keep the cat?
<Pi> yes. we did.
<Pi> after we went to all that trouble to clean it up, you bet we kept it.
<Sakubo> let us name the cat before Endrance gets to camp, Pi
<Sakubo> in case he is suddenly a Mia
<Pi> ...yes.
<Sakubo> I vote for Prince Cuddles.
<Pi> Hm. He looks more like a Mr. Scruffy.
<Sakubo> how about Prince Scruffy
<Sakubo> or Mr. Cuddles.
<Sakubo> Middle ground.
<Pi> Prince Scruffy.
<Sakubo> ...this needs to be our IC background with how we came up with the name
<Pi> ...yes.
<Sakubo> Just... Bo and Pi very seriously bargaining on names

So yes. The @home now has a mangey and probably somewhat irritable flea-bitten ex-stray cat named Prince Scruffy.
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So, guess if we're gonna be partnered together, you should tell me a bit about yourself.
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Judging by this image pose, Bo is going to grow up to be a very manly and heterosexual individual:
Hips... don't lie? )
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Relationship meme for Sakubo. Comment here and I'll tell you how Saku and Bo feels about your character o/ Reciprocation makes me happy but isn't required.


Aug. 28th, 2008 09:45 pm
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So, as I've been playing, I've discovered one of those things -- not tripping points, exactly, 'cause I haven't felt tripped up or anything, but those things where interactions in camp just inherently differ from interactions in canon in a way that I didn't expect.

Mostly, in this case, it's that people are interested in Sakubo's real life in a way that you just don't get in-game aside from Haseo emailing them -- there's a lot of standard internet "don't pry until they volunteer" stuff in canon, so you hear about their lives as backstory/counterpoint when the 'plot' is in the game. As a result, I'm finding myself drawing on headcanon here and there.

And you know, I'm cool with this. I have strong headcanon thoughts, I find them fun, I want to play with them! And every time I have, it's based on something in one of the emails or fanguides or something, so I have fair confidence in it.

But since it isn't Strict Canon in a lot of cases, I figured I'd toss some of it up here in this post so that if people who knew the canon disagreed or whatever and wanted to talk to me about it, I could hear it enough in advance to change early instead of having to retcon later. ♥

Sakubo Headcanon )

Yeah idk, I'll add more to this post as it comes up in camp and stuff o/

Also, I might as well do it here -- if anybody has any questions about why Saku or Bo do or say something, or why they're lying or not lying, or etc etc, feel free to ask. I love to essay! I WANT TO ESSAY BACK AT YOU ♥
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Okay, so. These aren't technically all of their "emails", but in .hack//G.U., as part of affection raising (and very rarely lowering) measures, you can send greeting cards to the various characters. Some are rarer than others, etc. Most of the times, these either get a single reply, or set off a chain of emails.

THAT'S what's going in here.

If Haseo can reply to an email, he always has two replies. Depending on which one he picks, he'll always get a different reply for the other character's next email. HOWEVER, regardless of which of THOSE different replies he gets, his options are always the same when continuing the trend. So, don't worry about which of Haseo's possible replies goes backwards down the chain -- they're only relevant immediately.

Note that Saku and Bo have different affection meters with Haseo, so you can choose to send each card to either of 'em.

...also note I don't have the body text on all the greeting cards. :/ I'll edit it in as I find them.

Emails go here )
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